Rakuten Phone Plans Cheapest Mobile Plan in Japan Compared (Both Major and MVNO)

japan phone plans

In this article, we will introduce recommended services for all-you-can-call with a cheapest SIM!

Table of Contents

1. Rakuten Mobile is the cheapest SIM with unlimited calls

2. Cheapest SIMs are often limited call time and not unlimited

    2.1 Difference between carrier and cheapest SIM

3. Compare and introduce cheapest SIM companies with unlimited flat-rate unlimited calls

    3.1 UQ Mobile

    3.2 Rakuten Mobile

    3.3 LINEMO

    3.4 Ymobile

    3.5 OCN Mobile ONE

    3.6 ahamo

1. Rakuten Mobile is the cheapest SIM with unlimited calls ( japan phone plans )

japanese phone plans
japanese phone plans

Rakuten Mobile can be used at the cheapest price compared to cheap SIMs and other major carriers. The secret is that you can make and make calls as much as you want using Rakuten Mobile’s dedicated app.

The price of Rakuten Mobile is quite challenging, as you can see when compared to other companies. Simply put, it’s the first carrier of choice for anyone who wants tethering or all-you-can-call with lots of data. This is a waste if you don’t know the plan of Rakuten Mobile.

2. Cheapest SIMs are often limited call time and not unlimited (japan phone plans )

japan cell phone plans
japan cell phone plans

Cheapest SIM can be understood by looking at the plans of each cheap SIM company written after this, but the unlimited time unlimited call plan is basically treated as an option. Therefore, each company charges a call charge of ¥22 / 30 seconds.

If you want to make unlimited calls with a cheap SIM, you need to add an option. However, as long as you don’t talk for a very long time, the cheapest SIM talk time is enough, so the cheapness of the plan is an advantage.

2.1 Difference between carrier and cheapest SIM ( japan phone plans )

The main difference between carriers and cheapest SIMs is in price and communication quality. Also, since cheapest SIM rents a line from a carrier, it is possible to provide a line at a low price. However, since the borrowed line is shared between subscribers, the line speed tends to be delayed in some hours such as daytime and nighttime.

Carriers are using the financial power of large companies to introduce cutting-edge technologies such as large-scale communication base stations and the latest edge servers at Rakuten Mobile, so communication quality is higher than cheapest SIM. On the other hand, the cheapest SIM has a lower communication quality, but it can provide a line with a communication charge of half of the carrier or less, so it is attractive that you can choose a free plan such as combination with a terminal.

Therefore, users can choose a carrier with good line quality or the cheapest SIM with the lowest monthly line charge. But recently, the fourth carrier, Rakuten Mobile, has entered the market.

As I mentioned earlier, Rakuten Mobile uses a new technology called edge server (cloud computing), which is characterized by its efficiency and low price. Of course, other carriers also use edge servers. However, other carriers are a key infrastructure of the country (KDDI’s communication failure recently caused a fuss) and are not as challenging as Rakuten Mobile.

Rakuten Mobile is a challenger in the career, so you can introduce more and more latest technologies and plans. As a result, we, as users, can also use all-you-can-use data and all-you-can-call at a low price.

Of course, there are some points that are slightly inferior to the communication quality of the three major companies, but that should be improved by future base station maintenance. Above all, as you can see from the plan, Rakuten Mobile is suitable for people who want to use all-you-can-call and all-you-can-use data communication because the monthly price is low.

3. Compare and introduce cheapest SIM companies with unlimited flat-rate unlimited calls ( japan phone plans )

japan cell phone plans
japan cell phone plans

Here, we will introduce each manufacturer that offers cheapest SIM. All manufacturers offer unlimited flat-rate unlimited calls and unlimited calling plans. Prices vary slightly, so it’s important to find a plan that suits you.

3.1 UQ Mobile

japan phone plans
japan phone plans

The call charge for UQ Mobile is ¥22 / 30 seconds (SMS shipping fee ¥3.3 / mail). Unlike Rakuten Mobile, there is no unlimited unlimited calling / calling between dedicated apps. However, UQ Mobile offers three options that can be selected according to the call volume.

Since the basic charge for UQ Mobile starts from ¥1,628 (monthly / 3GB), the monthly payment is the sum of this amount and the calling option. Therefore, UQ Mobile is a little more expensive than Rakuten Mobile, which starts at ¥980 monthly.

Flat-rate domestic calls for up to 60 minutes / monthAll-you-can-talk domestic calls for 10 minutesAll-you-can-talk domestic calls
Call pack (60 minutes / month)

¥550 / month (tax included)

All-you-can-talk (10 minutes / time)

¥770 / month (tax included)

All-you-can-talk (24 hours a day)

¥1,870 / month (tax included)

3.2 Rakuten Mobile

japan phone plans
japan phone plans

Rakuten Mobile makes domestic calls free by using the “Rakuten Link” app, and you can make calls to other carrier smartphones and landlines with the same phone number you are using. Therefore, you can make the most advantageous calls among cheapest SIMs. In addition, you can talk on the phone even in the low-speed data mode, so you can rest assured in case of emergency.

Rakuten Link is available for smartphones with Android 9 or later and iPhone 6s to iPhone 13 Pro with iOS 14.4 or later (recommended).

And from July 1, 2022, Rakuten Mobile started a service that allows you to make unlimited domestic calls and send and receive domestic SMS with the “OS standard phone application” within 15 minutes.

Rakuten Mobile 2

This unlimited call service of Rakuten Mobile is usually a monthly service of ¥1,100, but it is free for the first 3 months. In addition, all-you-can-call people have automatically upgraded from 10-minute all-you-can-call to 15-minute all-you-can-call. In addition, the OS standard message application (SMS) will be free to send and receive in Japan.

Rakuten Mobile has started a service that can compete with rival carriers and cheapest SIMs by starting Rakuten Link App and all-you-can-call domestic calls within 15 minutes each time. Among the major carriers, only Rakuten Mobile can make such unlimited calls, which is an advantage of choosing Rakuten Mobile.

Rakuten Mobile also has a wide range of terminals, from popular iPhones to in-house terminals, so it is also recommended that you can choose according to your budget.

Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII plan fee (common to 4G / 5G)

Data usage1st line2nd to 5th lines
Up to 1GBEffectively ¥0 up to 1GB¥980(Tax Included ¥1,078 )
Up to 3GB¥980(Tax Included ¥1,078)¥980(Tax Included ¥1,078 )
Up to 20GB¥1,980(Tax Included ¥2,178)¥1,980(Tax Included ¥2,178 )
Unlimited (Unlimited use at a maximum of 1 Mbps outside the Rakuten line area)¥2,980(Tax Included ¥3,278)¥2,980(Tax Included ¥3,278)

Voice call / SMS

Rakuten Link AppFor Rakuten Link App domestic / overseas calls: Free

Domestic / overseas message: Free

OS Standard Phone App¥20 (¥22 including tax) / 30 seconds (Japan → Japan) if the other party is not Rakuten Link App

Pay-as-you-go by country / region (Japan → overseas)

Receive calls in Japan: Free (Japan ← overseas)


japan phone plans
japan phone plans

LINEMO is the cheapest SIM service operated by SoftBank. The call charge is 22 yen / 30 seconds like other cheap SIMs. LINEMO also has a free calling option. It is free for one year during the campaign period, and after that, it will be 550 yen/month (free for 5 minutes) and 1,650 yen/month (domestic call charge / fixed amount) .

If you select the mini plan + 5 minutes free call option, you can use it at a considerably cheap price. It’s a little more expensive than Rakuten Mobile’s 980 yen, but LINEMO is recommended for those who want to switch from Softbank to a slightly cheaper plan.

Mini PlanSmart phone Plan
¥900(Tax Included ¥990)¥2,480(Tax Included ¥2,728)

3.4 Ymobile

ymobile japan
ymobile japan

Like other cheapest SIMs, Ymobile charges a  ¥22/30 second call. There are two call options. Within 10 minutes / One free domestic call “Everybody flat rate” ¥770 / month, Unlimited flat rate / Unlimited call “Everybody super flat rate” ¥1,870 / month.

The basic plan of Ymobile starts from ¥1,980 (3GB), which gives the impression that it is a little higher than other cheapest SIMs. However, Ymobile has many devices that are easy to buy, so it is recommended to consider when choosing the total price.

Ymobile Price List

¥1,980(Tax Included ¥2,178)¥2,980(Tax Included ¥3,278)¥3,780(Tax Included ¥4,158)

3.5 OCN Mobile ONE


OCN Mobile ONE is a cheapest SIM provided by NTT Communications. The call charge is ¥11 / 30 seconds, the same as other companies’ cheapest SIMs (¥22 → ¥11 after 4/7). Call options include the “10-minute all-you-can-call plan” for ¥935 / month and the “complete all-you-can-call plan” for ¥1,430, which allows you to make one domestic call within 10 minutes.

OCN Mobile One 2

Mobile ONE is a little cheaper than other cheapest SIMs when it comes to a completely unlimited plan. However, the price plan is a little inferior to other cheapest SIMs.
It is especially recommended for those who want to use the set discount with OCN Hikari or who are currently using OCN Hikari.

OCN Mobile ONE Price List


3.6 ahamo ( japan phone plans )

japan phone plans
japan phone plans

ahamo is a cheapest SIM plan operated by DoCoMo. The call charge is free for 5 minutes, and if you want to use it on a long phone, there is an “all-you-can-call option” for +¥1100.

ahamo 2

There are only two types of calling plans, a small-capacity plan and a large-capacity plan, so the point of ahamo is that you can simply choose. Since the price of the basic plan for ahamo starts from ¥2,970, it has a slightly higher impression than Rakuten Mobile. However, it is recommended for those who want to use the docomo line.

ahamo Price List

ahamoahamo Large  (Ohmori )
20GB / ¥2,970100GB / ¥4,950 (Tethering OK)
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