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In this article, I will introduce you to the topic of Metaverse XANA!


Table of Contents

1.  What is the topic of NFT Metaverse XANALIA?

2. Comparison Between XANALIA and Competitors

3. Introduction of Metaverse-Compatible Marketplace XANALIA

4. Summary




1.  What is the Topic of NFT Metaverse XANALIA ( xana metaverse )

xana metaverse
xana metaverse

XANA is a Metaverse platform built on an Ethereum sidechain custom made for Metaverse like Axie Infinity. XANA is compatible with all popular wallets and is bridged with all major blockchains (ETH, BSC, Polygon, Tera).

Developed by more than 100 team members in more than 15 countries, this Metaverse platform enables a high degree of collaboration between all device Metaverse platforms and their own sidechains. This is great considering that rivals are often limited to sidechains with Ethereum. Another feature of XANA is that it has been introduced by major institutions in various fields.

XANA’s GameFi allows you to install an infinite number of NFT games in the Metaverse. Game developers are also given the freedom to create games within the Metaverse, opening up endless possibilities. Companies can develop games that utilize different brands in the Metaverse.

There are three reasons why XANA is chosen. XANA has been selected by various agencies to provide the best technical user experience for billions of people who will use MetaVerse in the future. Next is the speed of XANA. It is designed to process hundreds of times faster than Ethereum to maintain the economy of the Metaverse used by billions of people.

Finally, XANA runs at a low price. Optimized block size design and custom Proof of Stake (PoS) sidechains can be replaced without the need for gas bills. In addition, XANA will provide creators, brands and companies with attractive content such as popular characters and events, and provide users with the opportunity to monetize with the Metaverse.


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2. Comparison Between XANALIA and Competitors

xanalia metaverse
xanalia metaverse

When comparing metaverse NFT games like XANA with competitors, GameFi such as Axie Infinity is also a rival. Each project, such as Web3’s DeFi and GameFi, has its own token. And the price of tokens is often proportional to the size of the project, so XANA should be checking projects that are natural and valuable as rivals. Also, with the landing of YGG (Yield Guild Games), which is famous for Axie Infinity, in Japan, the rivalry is likely to become fiercer.

ZANA’s native token, ZETA tokens, is not available for purchase at this time, but it seems that we should also pay attention to the price of tokens as an NFT game with P2E and a complex marketplace. This is because Web3 related technologies, including XANA, have the aspect that the scale and technological superiority of the project can be understood from the price of the token (basically, the technology and the story of the project are more important than the popularity, and cryptocurrency investment. The same applies). Below is a summary of the opponents who will be XANA’s rivals.


Comparison Table of XANAKIA and Rivals




The Sandbox

Axie Infinity


Sidechain Solution

NFT Bridge




Ethereum Ronin

Play to Earn

Market Valuation


US $ 8.5 Billion

US $ 6.1 Billion

US $ 8.2 Billion

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3. Introduction of Metaverse-Compatible Marketplace XANALIA

xanalia メタバース
xanalia メタバース

XANALIA is a state-of-the-art NFT marketplace that is equipped with Metaverse, Chainlink VRF, and three networks: ETH, BSC, and Polygon. As a user, it is a user-friendly design that you can select each network of ETH, BSC, Polygo according to your own token.


XANALIA is the NFT market (NFT marketplace) that is attracting worldwide attention, having won the 8th place in the global trading volume ranking in July 2021 and the “1st place in the expected NFT market” in Japan.

XANALIA is currently the fastest growing field in the blockchain market, featuring a DeFi (decentralized finance) model that works with NFT and Metaverse, and has a potential market capitalization of $ 1.4 billion.

From this, XANALIA can be expected to develop most as a domestic NFT marketplace. XANA seems to have an advantage in comparison with other companies in that it has an NFT marketplace in the Metaverse.

XANA | Metaverse Trailer 1.0


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4. Summary ( xana metaverse )


It turned out that XANA is promising as a domestic Metaverse type marketplace. In addition, the blockchain used is also a promising layer 1 blockchain such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana.

Binance is said to be supported by large investors, but the scale of Binance and its commitment to Web3 are impressive. The same is true for Ethereum and Solana, which have technological advantages over other Layer 1 blockchains. From such a place, I feel the scale of XANA.

xana メタバース
xana メタバース

In addition, XANA is not just an NFT platform, but the fact that it can develop NFT marketplaces and games within the Metaverse should be encouraging for domestic suppliers. Although the development team is international, as it is Japan’s first Metaverse platform, great expectations are raised, including the XANA tokens that will be issued in the future.

We are sure that the participation of major companies will be announced one after another, so we are looking forward to the enrichment of content as blockchain technology develops. Web3 and blockchain technology, which was a world that was difficult for beginners to enter, must become a metaverse / NFT that anyone can enjoy with XANA.


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XANA Official WebSite :

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