Binance Smart Chain BSC ( BNB ) What is BSC Chain?

what is bsc binance

Here, we will introduce the features of BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain (BSC)) and NFT games!

Table of Contents

1. What is BNB chain?

2. Introduction of popular NFT games of BNB chain ( Elfin Kingdom )

3. Summary

1. What is BNB chain? ( what is bsc binance )

binance blockchain
binance blockchain

The blockchain, which runs in parallel with Binance Chain, is the best description of Binance Smart Chain (BSC). * Unlike the binance chain, the BNB chain (BSC) has the smart contract function and compatibility with the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM).

BSC ( BNB ) chain
Binance Chain (BC)
Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

※BNB Chain

・From Binance chain to BNB chain
Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange, announced that it has renamed its own blockchain “Binance SmartChain (BSC)” to “BNBChain (BNBChain)”. Binance has also introduced a new concept called Metafi. We have built each infrastructure shown in the figure below.

BNB Chain( MetaFi)

BSC’s design goal was to maintain high throughput in the binance chain while introducing smart contracts into the ecosystem. In effect, both blockchains are running side by side. BSC is not a so-called Layer 2 or off-chain scalability solution. BSC is an independent blockchain that can operate even if the binance chain goes offline. However, the designs of both chains are very similar.

what is bsc binance
what is bsc binance

BSC has supported a variety of Ethereum tools and DApps since its launch for compatibility with EVM. Theoretically, support makes it easy to migrate projects on Etherium to BSC. This means that users can easily configure applications such as MetaMask to work with BSC. In fact, you just need to tweak the settings. For more information, see How to use MetaMask with BinanceSmartChain.

You can also use MetaMask from BSC to move tokens into the Harmony chain. Horizon by Harmony is a famous site to use when moving.

Top 4 of Popular Blockchain Networks (smart contracts)
BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain :BSC)
Popular Blockchain Network Nnder Top 4

2. Introduction of Popular NFT Games of BNB chain / Elfin Kingdom ( what is bsc binance )

binance blockchain
binance blockchain

Here, we will introduce the popular BNB blockchain (BSC) NFT games! Elfin Kingdom seamlessly blends the best of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and GameFi (GameFi) applications into one game metaverse through virtual business operations in a small town. A blockchain MMORPG with built-in fun and rewards to play and earn.

The potential threat of “untamed Elfin” sometimes emerges in the land of the Elfin Kingdom, established by farmers and farmers through serious labor and agriculture. Some elfins are human-friendly and can be fed and trained, but wild ones may pose a threat to the inhabitants of the elfin kingdom. The story begins in Elfin Town, a small town in the heart of the Elfin Kingdom.

After living in peace with Elfin for hundreds of years, the inhabitants of Elfin Town developed the Elfin Catcher. This is a device specially used to capture and contain Elfin (like a monster ball). Elfins have different traits and skills. There are elfins with grass, water, fire, electricity, and cyclist abilities. Each Elfin is a unique NFT. And each part of Elfin is NFT.

Players can choose their role and immediately start their adventures within the Elfin Kingdom, earning tokens and in-game rewards. It can also own or rent farms, land, train elfins to fight for level up, or capture and collect elfins just for fun. Others take part in and win the World Championships in the Kingdom of Elfin and challenge themselves to become Master Elfin Trainers. As you can see, the fun is unlimited.

3. Summary ( what is bsc binance )

what is bsc binance
what is bsc binance

I have briefly explained about the BNB chain. BNB prices are below Ethereum and future prices are unpredictable, but rivalry with other Layer 1 blockchains such as Solana, Terra and Avalanche is fierce. It seems to be. If you understand BNB and BSC, which are words that you hear every day in blockchain and cryptocurrency news, articles should be easier to understand. We are paying close attention to future BNB-related news, including NFT games from the BNB chain.

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