What is NURO? / Sony NURO Hikari Mechanism

nuro internet japan



I would like to explain how nuro works. The communication standard is different from the line of a normal carrier such as NTT.



Table of Contents

1. What is the difference between NURO Hikari and FLET’S Hikari?

2. Optical fiber adopts the universal method

3. Do you really need NURO Hikari? Isn’t it okay with FLET’S?

4. Summary




1. What is the difference between NURO Hikari and FLET’S Hikari? ( nuro internet japan )

nuro internet japan
nuro internet japan



Communication standard

communication speed

Countries with general infrastructure


nuro sony onu
nuro sony onu

Maximum downlink 2 Gbps to maximum uplink 1 Gbps

Europe (high cost)

NTT Flet’s HikariGE-PON

nuro光 フレッツ

1Gbps bidirectional communication

Japan (low cost)


2. Optical fiber adopts the universal method (

nuro internet japan )

nuro internet japan
nuro internet japan

GE-PON used by NTT FLET’S is a highly versatile communication method that allows the optical line to be used as it is for Ethernet communication. In addition, the speed is inferior to that of NURO Hikari because one optical fiber is split into eight branches by utility poles from within the station and the optical fiber is drawn into each home.

The G-PON used by Sony NURO optical lines is also a method of branching one optical line, but it is not very common in Japan because it uses a complicated system called a synchronization network instead of the Ethernet method, and the cost is also high. This is the communication method. This mechanism is common in Europe and elsewhere.

In condominiums and other condominiums, it is possible to connect a conventional telephone line to an ONU (optical network unit) without having to draw an optical line directly to the house. And you can use the Internet by connecting a LAN cable or wireless router. Therefore, ONU (GE-PON) and other equipment also have the advantage of low cost.

On the other hand, NURO’s GPON is a communication method created exclusively for IPv6, which is certainly common in Europe and the United States. Since NTT has both IPv4 and IPv6, it has the advantage of being able to communicate with IPv4 even with old equipment (IPv4 over IPv6). However, since it is an IPv6 leased line, it is necessary to draw a new optical line and install a dedicated ONU.

In any case, if it is a single house, one optical fiber and ONU will be installed, so the construction itself will not change at all. However, in the case of condominiums and apartments, it is now necessary to draw fiber optics directly into the room. Technically speaking, there is no need to go through the original equipment such as the huge router installed in the condominium called VDSL collective device.

In other words, if this machine stops due to a power outage, you will not be able to use the Internet, but with NURO you should probably be able to use it as it is. That may be a benefit of NURO. However, it is also a story that has nothing to do with a single house.



3. Do you really need NURO Hikari? Isn’t it okay with FLET’S?

nuro internet japan
nuro internet japan

As of May 18, 2021, rumors are widespread that nuro Hikari is difficult to connect. It’s true that the line itself is fast, but is it wrong to think that nuroBIZ, which uses a large-capacity leased line, is the one that shows its true potential? In the first place, the mainstream of Japan is GE-PON FLET’S, so I feel that I can’t really find the meaning of using nuro.

However, I think it is the best environment for people who can actually use high-speed lines without any inconvenience. However, there seems to be a difference depending on the region, and in Japan it would be better to use FLET’S or au Hikari. A maximum communication speed of 100 Mbps will suffice.



4. Summary ( nuro internet japan )

nuro internet japan
nuro internet japan

Currently, wireless communication standards such as smartphones are becoming faster. I often hear that even the current 4G has already exceeded the optical line. If the latest 4G LTE communication comes out from 3 Gbps to 5 Gbps, it means that it is overwhelmingly faster than the downlink 2 Gbps of NURO Hikari.

The bottom line is that we may not need NURO Hikari as we are in the age of 5G. Originally, 5G is not sold at line speeds, but it is sold at the same time that it can be connected to hundreds of thousands or more devices at the same time.

In other words, your personal information, government data systems, towns, shops, cars, etc. are all connected to one 5G smartphone. Therefore, it is necessary to have high speed and large capacity, and 5G compatible games and VR can be said to be an appeal for purchasing expensive 5G terminals.

Of course, the NURO Hikari line and the NURO Hikari line for corporations have the advantage of high speed, but in general usage, NTT’s FLET’S Hikari does not cause much inconvenience.

In the case of an apartment house, NTT FLET’S Hikari has a noticeable delay, so NURO Hikari, which draws a single optical fiber directly into the room, is a great advantage. However, in any case, as I wrote earlier, it is the age of 5G / 6G, so it may not be necessary for anyone other than heavy users of online games to hurry.

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