NTT Data AI OCR What is RPA and AI? (An RPA and NTT AI-OCR)

ntt data ai ocr

What is RPA and AI? ( An RPA and NTT DATA AI-OCR )




1. What is the difference between RPA and AI ?

 1.1 What is RPA?

 1.2 What is AI ?

 1.3 Difference between RPA and AI

2. Initiatives for linking RPA and AI – OCR

3. Example of RPA and AI – OCR (by NTT DATA(データ))



1. What is the difference between RPA and AI ? ( ntt data ai ocr )

ntt data ai ocr
ntt data ai ocr


1.1 What is RPA?

Abbreviation for RPA (Robotic Process Automation), which means automation by robot. And the term RPA basically means automation software for office work. RPA is basically automated by humans by setting the GUI(icon etc.) on the PC. As it becomes more sophisticated,  AI will be used to learn large amounts of data from servers such as the cloud, and to perform complex tasks. For example, AI is used in the manufacturing industry to improve inspection ability by learning ability, and in the insurance industry to digitize documents and determine insurance contracts. In this way, using AI makes it possible to automate more complicated tasks.



1.2 What is AI ?

AI(Artificial Intelligence) is an abbreviation that stands for, and the point is AI. Generally, it refers to software that gives machines the same intelligence as humans. As a familiar example, you may have heard the news that AI is used to control shogi and chess, and it produces performance equivalent to or better than humans. AI learning methods include “Machine learning” and “Deep learning” which is a further development of it. By incorporating new data into this AI , a program prepared by a human being as a judgment standard will be further learned and applied to make effective judgments and be useful for processing.


1.3 Difference between RPA and AI

RPA generally refers to the system itself that automates routine tasks. The AI, on the other hand, is built into the RPA system here, and makes decisions and distributes work based on input data. In other words, it is necessary to use RPA and AI in combination when creating a form that is determined from daily business data, for example, when reading paper data more accurately and accurately. There is.



2. Initiatives for linking RPA and AI -OCR ( ntt data ai ocr )

OCR(Optical character recognition) is software that converts printed documents into image data. By combining AI-OCR and RPA, the AI-OCR / RPfA cooperation service helps to reduce the cost and time of work dealing with paper documents. By using AI-OCR, it is possible to realize high character recognition accuracy including handwritten characters as well as printed characters. AI-OCR can convert character information into data, automatically extract it with RPA, and input it to each terminal. AI-OCR can automate the data input of handwritten documents, so it can reduce the work time and input mistakes significantly.



3. Example of RPA and AI -OCR ( ntt data ai ocr )

Here, we will introduce an example of “100,000 yen benefit support” using AI-OCR.

As part of the financial support for the new coronavirus, a “fixed special benefit” was paid. The tasks that were visible in the work were the burden of confirmation work by the staff and the time delay before sending. To address these issues, NTT DATA provided AI-OCR-based “NaNaTsu™ AI-OCR with DX Suite” and RPA solution WinActor” to local governments free of charge.

To explain this simply, the sent paper is converted into electronic data by AI-OCR and registered on the server. The program on the server determines the necessary items, and the staff receives the results and transfers the money to the account.In the past, staff collated the sent paper with the Basic Resident Register data, entered the necessary data on the PC, and then sent it. However, by adopting NTT DATA’s AI-OCR service, the burden on staff and work time was greatly reduced, which helped reduce staff fatigue and transfer benefits early.

NTT DATA says DX(Digital Transformation) was realized in an unexpected place. If this situation did not occur, the rapid progress of business up to this point would not have occurred, and the news was that I was keenly aware of the importance of “how to utilize IT technology for people”.

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