What is Honda e?(an EV that Inherits Honda Philosophy)

Honda e is a completely new electric vehicle. This car has been developed by Honda in anticipation of a society in which the city, people and cars coexist. A few years ago, the illustration was published in Honda magazine. There was a picture of a pretty Honda e-like car communicating with a pedestrian as if it were a conversation. It used to be a light to express our intentions. I think this car will be an epoch-making car like the first Honda Civic that cleared the Muskie Act. It looks like a car that has an impact on society.

Everyone in Japan was riding the first Honda Civic. My father was no exception. Unfortunately I don’t remember much about the Civic, but it seems to have been a compact and well-running car. Above all, the rider would have had the joy of riding in a new era car. Until Honda launched the Odyssey, which was a tall minivan, accords and Civics with solid running were popular. However, with the rise of tall cars, a minivan boom also occurred in Japan, and the Civic also became a huge overseas model, and eventually FIT (Jazz) became the mainstream of compact cars in Japan. It was a different car from the previous Civic. It’s already a gap from European compact cars.

This Honda e seems to be a car reminiscent of Honda’s return to origin. It’s a car that people want obediently. This compact has a solid driving position, rear-wheel drive, and Honda-like ideas. In today’s urban development, it seemed as if the car had been driven out of the way. However, this Honda e gives us a feeling of being close to people. Even people who are not interested in cars will find it interesting when they see the Honda e. And if you like cars, you should be excited about them. On the dashboard, there are several displays lined up, which is like the image of Shoji (Japanese paper door) in Japan. Moreover, you can change the position of this by touching it. It looks like Shoji has been replaced. This is a Japanese idea.

It is said that the cruising range is only around 200km. However, I don’t feel much trouble in Japan. Because people usually only go shopping at nearby supermarkets and convenience stores. Moreover, not all people use it every day. Therefore, there is no particular problem with the Honda e range. Those who go out will use Subaru Legacy or Honda Accord. However, Japan is not in a favorable environment for power outlets. Many condominiums have solar panels on the roof, but no power outlets. I have to go to some stand or dealer to charge. If such problems are solved in Japan, this car may spread all at once. Even if it emits a lot of carbon dioxide at the time of manufacture, this vehicle, which emits no exhaust gas in the long run, is definitely good for the environment.

What would the late Soichiro Honda say when he saw this Honda e? A long time ago, at the Honda S600 presentation, we gathered reporters along the river and jumped into the car. He ran off at full throttle. This is to show off the performance of the car. He returned with a big smile and happiness. He was delighted to have a car that was useful to people. Honda’s Super Cub is one example. The Super Cub will not break under any driving conditions. You can work 365 days a year, whether it’s snowy or rainy. Honda hopes that the Honda e will become a familiar vehicle for those people. I am looking forward to the day when this car runs around on the Japanese road instead of the K-Car. And on the roads of the world.