7 Basic Repertoire Activities at Home.

When we started to live at home due to lockdown, we found that we need to have various roles in the house. At home, we do all the work, hobbies, eating, sleeping, exercising that we used to do outside. So let’s assign an activity to each room in the house. Fortunately, I don’t live in a castle, so I don’t think it’s difficult.


1 Bed(sleep)

2 Sofa by the window(reading)

3 Desk (hobby)

Sitting room

4 Short desk(work)


5 washing


6 exercising


7 eating

I use the kitchen three times a day. I work only in the sitting room. The exercise is going out to the forest in the car early in the morning. However, there is clearly less activity than when I was commuting to work. I’m not used to using each room yet, so I need to devise it.

In sum, there are many ways to utilize a room that we weren’t aware of until now. I want to look for it from now on.