Introducing the Infotainment of the New Audi A3


Introducing New Audi A3 Infotainment system

Today’s cars are all made up of similar downsizing turbo. Therefore, the infotainment system is the motivation for choosing a car so that the Millennial will love it. Currently, the tendency is strong even for other people. Earlier, in a Sony VISION-S article, I introduced that the original car infotainment system was the BlackBerry. By using the “BlackBerry QNX Platform for Digital Cockpits”, Audi and other automakers can spend less time building infotainment systems.

What is Audi connect?

Audi Connect provides drivers with online services that can be connected anytime, anywhere * 1 portal and various in car communication functions.
You can also do social media portals, music streaming, and online updates of navigation data. Audi connect is a cloud application * 2 gateway used by Audi passengers.

  • *1 Portal is a word that refers to the entrance or entrance to information. There are Portal sites and social media portals, etc.
  • *2 The gateway here is like a Wi-Fi router at home. The new Audi A3 supports the LTE Advanced standard and allows you to connect Wi-Fi to smartphones and tablets in the car.

Main Functions of Audi connect

  1. Audi connect Navigator
  2. Wi-Fi spot
  3. Online facility search
  4. Audi SOS Call
  5. Google Earth
  6. Gas station information
  7. weather
  8. Online traffic information
  9. news
  10. Parking information
  11. Destination registration from my Audi/Google Maps
  12. Calendar
  13. Online map update


In this article, I have introduced the infotainment system of the new Audi A3. There is no doubt that these infotainment systems occupy the most important position in the car at Audi. Manufacturers are aware of it, and users want more convenient and comfortable features. The basic performance of the car is the Audi, so everyone trusts it. The current Audi infotainment system is used like other Tesla and SONY VISION-S, and the car system becomes smarter.

This is 4G always receives the latest information via cloud servers and data. In the future, we will evolve to infotainment using 5G. As communication speed increases with 5G, it will also be possible to work with AI such as IBM’s Watson. And it will also have a deeper connection with Google. Therefore, future Audi will play more of a role as a running information base than a car. I’m sure some of you may be skeptical about the car, but once you drive it, it will entertain you with Audi’s driving pleasure. The infotainment of the new Audi A3 has evolved like the latest EV, but it is different from a complete EV. I’m sorry if my writing is hard to read. Thank you for reading.