SONY VISION S ( BlackBerry Technology )

What is SONY VISION S ? Functions and manufacturing methods. Or the evaluation from the appearance.


⦁ 1. What is Sony VISION S ?

⦁ 2. A Technology Introduction: BlackBerry

⦁ 3. Summary


1. What is Sony VISION S ?

what is sony vision s
what is sony vision s

At CES 2020 Sony unveiled the Sony VISION S a completely new concept car for electric vehicles. This car was greeted with the most surprise at CES. Sony describes this car as a fusion of technology and creativity. VISION-S explains that it is a mobile space that integrates the evolution of safety, comfort, entertainment and adaptability for the future autonomous driving.

From a safety point of view, we will watch 360 ° around the vehicle and assist driving and parking. Sony’s camera technology and sensor technology made it possible. These camera and sensor technologies are also used in lane keeping systems and collision safety technologies that are currently used in automobiles.

Sony’s specialty is 360 reality audio and panoramic screens. 360 reality audio realizes an immersive, three-dimensional sound field. Audio is one of Sony’s strengths. VISION S is trying to create a comfortable music space for future autonomous driving.

In the panoramic screen a wide screen with the full width of the car spreads inside the car interior space that resembles a living room. The driver and passenger can access the contents freely. BlackBerry technology the cornerstone of infotainment systems, is discussed in the next section.

Next is adaptability. In the age when all data and products are connected, this VISION S will also be part of the network, and software will evolve through the network. The three main functions are “Vision S link” “personalized cabin” and “update system”.

The Vision S Link is a smart device such as a smartphone that allows you to call the car where you are with one touch, display the map you are looking at on the panoramic screen in the car, and let the music you are listening to echo in the car.

The personalized cabin learns about the driver’s and passenger’s favorite room temperature, music, and favorite route, and grows into a car that is convenient. In the update system, the car software is constantly updated through 5G and cloud AI, and the car evolves as you continue to ride.

What is the magna group? ( sony vision s )

VISION S body platform is being developed by Magna. Magna is a Canadian auto parts manufacturer. Recently, the Japanese car Toyota Supra has been manufactured by a related manufacturer, Magna Steyr. It is said that a complete vehicle can be manufactured by collecting the parts of the entire Magna International Group.

Magna is the world’s third largest auto parts manufacturer, after Bosch in Germany and Denso in Japan. This VISION S is in the process of making a car in cooperation with Bosch of Germany.

The specifications of the Sony VISION S are 4,895mm in total length, 1,900mm in total width, and 1,450mm in total height, and are in the E segment class. There is no engine, and the motor drive is equipped with a 200kW motor in the front and rear.

0-100km/h acceleration is 4.8s and boasts the power performance of a sports car. The maximum speed is 240km/h. The body design is also a futuristic design that resembles a Porsche EV sedan the Taycan.

2. What is BlackBerry QNX?

what is sony vision s
what is sony vision s

BlackBerry QNX is a safety certified and secure software platform. The BlackBerry QNX is trusted by multiple industries including automotive, medical devices and robots to provide a secure and reliable software platform.

BlackBerry QNX is a real-time UNIX operating system. The famous Apple Mac OS is also in the UNIX operating system group. A feature of UNIX based OS is that it is possible to build a system that can display a browser with a small amount of data, and is excellent in stability and reliability.

As the history of the early QNX system, it was sold to Herman International (Harman International is a multinational company under Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., which specializes in audio), and then transferred to the current BlackBerry research in motion.

It seems that BlackBerry QNX is used in Sony VISION S infotainment system. It is inevitable to adopt the BlackBerry QNX, which has already been proven as a vehicle system.

The BlackBerry QNX also works with the hottest 5G and cloud AI. The QNX Platform for Digital Cockpits is the world’s first safe and secure digital cockpit solution. It is provided to each car manufacturer. QNX Platform for Digital Cockpits is the origin of this field, following smartphones.


3. Summary

what is sony vision s
what is sony vision s

This article has introduced Sony’s new VISION S electric vehicle. The Sony VISION S is a completely new car that fuses existing car-related vehicle body platforms and infotainment systems with Sony camera and sensor technology and software. Unlike existing Tesla and Toyota, this car is a mobility as a mobile space where you can enjoy comfortable and safe entertainment by taking advantage of Sony’s strengths.

The major suppliers who cooperate in the development of this car are also encouraging to Sony. Looking at VISION S , I realized that it was not a technological sample in anticipation of the coming 5G and cloud AI era. And it turns out that Sony has a strong interest in the field of mobility.

You can experience Sony’s specialty in entertainment, smart devices, cameras, sensors, and audiovisuals. In summary, I felt that the Sony VISION S was a highly complete product as a car. The Sony VISION S is one of the cars we look forward to, along with Tesla and Toyota. Thank you for reading until the end.