2020 Automotive Trends (a Toyota New Harrier)


The current fashion of cars is SUV. Even sedans and compact cars make tall cars. The magazine “Autocar” drove the Ford Fiesta ST and wrote, “The riding comfort of this car is separated from the ground and is modern.” I used to write it like this. Such a modern ride is uncomfortable for old car lovers. I don’t feel like driving a car.

You turn the steering wheel for any cornering, there is no need for additional steer turning, which is stable there from beginning to end. Therefore, you can concentrate on the acceleration and deceleration of the accelerator and brakes, so you can run as fast as you want. Moreover, the latest DCT (twin clutch) automatically shifts faster, so ordinary cars cannot keep up. And the computer takes care of the corners and automatically distributes the best traction when you’re about to slip.

So while the car is fun, it looks like both journalists and users are having trouble finding fun. In such an era, comfortable and convenient SUVs will become popular. Recent SUVs are, of course, modern cars, so the engine and handling are the same as other cars, but only a little taller. With this, car differentiation is limited to style and interior decoration. However, I think that is the current situation. So, all true car lovers drive old cars.

The technological trend is hybrid technology in Japan and mild hybrid in Europe. The motor plays a leading role in the hybrid, while the engine plays a leading role in the mild hybrid.

Examples include Lexus and Audi. The Lexus is equipped with a hybrid and highly efficient gasoline engine to improve fuel economy and driving performance. Audi supplements its high-efficiency gasoline / diesel engines with supplementary motors. The Lexus is better than the total specs, but the Audi (Quattro) is better for power and running. This is a simple story because the gasoline engine and the quattro drive directly and the power is better than the Lexus.

In terms of personality, the Lexus is an elegantly cruising car. The engine technology will probably also be better for Audi. In that case, even if you think simply, even if the fuel economy is better for Lexus, Audi would be better if you think about the total efficiency of the engine and the motor. Pursuing efficiency is what Germans do best, so no matter how Lexus is Toyota’s big company, it’s not that easy.

The new Harrier in Japan is targeting customers of previous models. With Lexus, the eccentric look is the key. This is a selling point unique to Lexus because it matches the unique hybrid driving. That point seems to be popular in the United States.

Toyota’s new Harrier was announced today. The engine is a 2.5-liter and 2.0-liter “dynamic force engine”. This is the engine that was first installed in the Toyota RAV4. Compared to the old model, this engine has a marked difference in performance and has significantly improved power and fuel efficiency. If you make it a hybrid, its goodness will shine even more. In other words, the correct answer is to buy a hybrid for both the new Harrier and RAV4. It’s also nice that the price is almost the same as the gasoline model except for the highest grade. By the way, this time the Harrier has a more “Lexus” style. The interior and exterior have become luxurious, and we have been trying to differentiate from the RAV4. But this car won’t sell in Europe. Because it is a very domestic car. That is a car like a Toyota CROWN.

Since many European compact SUV’s have been released recently, these cars will also be rivals. Land Rover “Discovery Sports” is one of them. The harrier looks shabby when you look at the powerful 2.0-liter engine and the luxurious interior and exterior unique to Britain. Therefore, it may be better not to test drive Discovery Sports. I want it.

The Harrier and the Discovery Sport are the same 2.0-liter engine, but the Discovery Sport has a 2.0-liter turbo engine made by Jaguar and 200 horsepower, so the horsepower is completely different. The Harrier is an ordinary fuel efficient engine. This is not a game. Diesel engine models are also available for Discovery Sports. In other words, it can be said that the Harrier is a car that has a regular new engine and has updated the interior and exterior. However, it is still popular because it is Toyota’s SUV and its resale value is high due to the popular car model. This was the case with the Lexus’ most popular Lexus RX450h.

This kind of SUV is also a play vehicle, so I want “something different” such as a radical engine and cool interior and exterior. Harrier does not have that point. Many of the people who purchase cars like the Harrier look forward to switching to a new car in a short period of time, and they are important customers in Japan.

As a result, new Harriers will sell better and it will be easier to buy the latest cars. For the new Harrier, I don’t say much about the already released RAV4 as it’s a completely amazing car. Toyota RAV4 also won “Japan Car of the Year”. People who like old-fashioned domestic cars are the new Harriers, but if you want a modern car you’ll find the RAV4.

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