How to use iPhone&Android with Rakuten Mobile

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What is Rakuten Mobile’s new generation virtualization network?

Use iPhone or Android at a low price with Rakuten Mobile

Introducing Rakuten Mobile Smartphones

Introducing Rakuten Mobile plans


What is Rakuten Mobile’s new generation virtualization network?

Rakuten Mobile virtualized network uses general purpose servers to reduce costs. And we can provide services at low price.

The mechanism installs edge server on the base station. And 4G software has moved from hardware to the cloud. And Rakuten Mobile can install 4G to 5G software on virtual servers via the cloud. Moving to 5G will allow Rakuten Mobile communicate with nearby edge server and use high-Speed lines. This is Mobile Edge Computing(MEC).

Use iPhone or Android at a low price with Rakuten Mobile

This is easy. Insert only the SIM card(nano sim) from Rakuten Mobile website. APN settings are simple. Or you can just insert the SIM card. Rakuten Mobile recommends Android. iPhone is not guaranteed. However, it can be used without any problems. If possible, use a sim-free iPhone.

Introducing Rakuten Mobile Smartphones

Rakuten Mobile offers Smartphones such as Samsung GALAXY and Sony Xperia. GALAXY is the best Smartphone on Android. Xperia has excellent acoustic performance. Let’s choose your favorite headphones and earphones.

Introducing Rakuten Mobile Plans

Rakuten Mobile plan is simple. The monthly payment is 2,980 yen. Now you can use it for 1 year free for the first 3 million people. The area of Rakuten Mobile is mainly a big city in Japan. The area is increasing even now.

How to use iPhone&Android with Rakuten Mobile(Summary)

This article was written for foreigners living in Japan. I recommend them Rakuten Mobile. The contract is smart to foreigners like Softbank. If you have a credit card and debit card with a Rakuten Bank, you can sign a contract. In addition, support is substantial. Japanese people are concerned about network quality, they often hear criticism. However, if you think about them normallly, Rakuten Mobile is perfectly fine. Rakuten Mobile, which can use a Smartphone at a low price, is advantageous. I guarantee that I have been using Rakuten Mobile for 5 years. I’m still not good at English, so it maybe difficult to read. Thanks for reading to the end.


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